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wife, mother, grandmother and business owner
Meet The Inventor

Terri Coratola

Terri Coratola is what you call a dress-girl. She believes no matter the occasion a dress is always the perfect choice. However, too many times, she has found herself in a dress-predicament; unable to zip up her dress when she was alone. There was one specific incident resulting in getting the zipper stuck in the fabric and ultimately ruining the dress. That was moment the ZipMeUp was invented!

While her past showcases decades of interior design work, she is now on a mission to solve everyday challenges women face, starting with the dreadful challenge of zipping a dress when alone! When not conquering this feat, you will find her enjoying playtime with her six young grandchildren.


“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and now I can zip my dress when I am alone because I am WOMAN!”

-Terri Coratola 

For Work or Play

Regardless of the occasion or location, you can relax knowing you won’t have to ask for help when it’s time to get dressed.  

The fashionable ZipMeUp comes in ten beautiful colors.

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