Why is it stylish & convenient?

The unique patented ZipMeUp is a functional must-have tool that assists women with those hard to reach zippers that stretch from the base of the back, up the neck. Because there is no tool in the market today, women around the world have simply accepted the fact that twisting and turning is the only way to fully zip your dress when you’re alone or leave it half zipped! But that isn’t the case anymore. The ZipMeUp is a simple solution to this everyday challenge and a tool that belongs in the hands of every woman.

No Straining
Or Stretching

Hassle-free accessory-no more contorting to fully zip your dress.

Fits Virtually Any
Zipper Type

Zip MeUp can be used on a variety of clothing items and zipper types!

Perfect Gift for
All Occasions

ZipMeUp comes in ten beautiful colors and is one-of-a-kind.

The Zip Me Up is simple to use!

The Inventor's Story

“Can you zip me up?”

Inventor Terri Coratola has experienced many frustrating occasions when she found her self home alone and was unable to zip her dress. One day in 2010, she decided to solve this problem that has been going on for decades.

Read terri’s story

The Inventor's Story

A gift that every woman will love.

The ZipMeUp makes a perfect gift for every woman! Not only give them a stylish accessory give them the confidence in knowing that they can zip their dress alone!

Great Gift

What women have to say…

Robert Gavick
I used my ZipMeUP for the first time tonight. I was running late to a formal Red Carpet event and had a new dress that had a zipper in the back. I'm not as nimble as I use to be but ZipMeUp made zipping up quick and easy. With the help of ZipMeUp I arrived at the event Red Carpet ready. Thank you so much.
Paulina Nowakowska
I'm embarrassed to say it, but I used to drive to the gas station several times a week before work just to get zipped up. The attendant was the only woman I knew I could count on almost every day to help me out and zip my dress! Thanks to the ZipMeUp, I can zip my dresses all the way up by myself, no more embarrassing half-zipped trips to the gas station!
Tomasz Dziuda
I can't tell you how many times I had to ask hotel housekeeping to zip my dress when I was traveling for work. They were always nice enough to do it, but I'd have to wait for them to come and then get help from some stranger. Thankfully, the ZipMeUp easily fits in my makeup bag, I take it everywhere and I can zip my dress without a problem.


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