How It Works
no more stretching or contorting
you can do it alone

Simple as 1-2-3!

The patent-pending ZipMeUp is a small device that helps zip up a back-zipping dress or top. With the ZipMeUp, it’s easy to zip up a dress on your own!

Step 1

Attach the clip to the zipper

Step 2

Extend arm over head and hold down the brake

Step 3

Pull the zipper up!

take it with you

Use ZipMeUp Anywhere

Because ZipMeUp is small, you can take it with you–just throw it in your purse!  It is ideal for shopping, vacations, and work trips.

Easy to Attach

ZipMeUp works on a variety of dresses.

Use Away from Home

Keep ZipMeUp in your purse when shopping or traveling.

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The Dress Girl Twin Pack

Order two ZipMeUp’s for $39.95. One for your closet and one for your purse.


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